Now you can belong to a website that will do for self-catering holiday cottages what our well-established, award-winning B&B website does for bed and breakfast owners.

By joining us you can benefit from the help and support and web promotion that a larger organisation can provide. You will appear on a website that has only a selected number of cottages, not on a very large impersonal directory. In other words,  your holiday home will not be "buried" amongst an endless list of others. 






Advertise your cottage until
December 31st, 2019 

  • One cottage ... 75.00 (inc vat)
  • Two cottages ... 100.00 (inc vat)
  • Three + cottages … 125.00 (inc vat)




Cottage at Gant's Mill & Garden, Bruton





It is so easy to add your cottage. Please send us an email with the information and images. The design of your page is all included in the cost. Please note that all cottages must either have Tourist Board Grading or have been visited by one of our own inspectors.

Each cottage will have:

  • Individual page with description and pictures of each cottage, your name, address and contact details.
  • Your cottage(s) will be individually marked on a map with a click through to your page.
  • Information about the cottage - unlimited text
  • Up to four pictures of your choice
  • A link to your own website. NOTE - we do not offer links to adverts or pages which are considered inappropriate or that are part of other organisations' websites



We will tell prospective visitors that current availability information can be found on your own website


PLEASE NOTE that we are NOT a booking agency. All enquiries will go direct to the holiday cottage owner.










How quickly can you add my page to this site?

You can expect your site to be added within days of us receiving your information.






Can I email my text description to you?
Yes, of course. You can also send us a brochure if you like. Text descriptions which are sent in an email however save us time re-typing, so are much appreciated.

Can I email my photos to you?
Yes, preferably as JPEGs. Please also send an accompanying email without attachments, explaining what attachments we should expect. If you find that your photos have a very large file size, we'd recommend sending these on a CD.

Can I add other photos later?
Yes, you can add additional photos to your page at any time. Two/three photos are generally standard on most properties.

Can I change my photos later?
Yes, you can change the photos on your page at any time. Simply email us.

Can I make a text adjustment to the content of my page?
Yes, you can make a change to the text on your web page at any time. You are entitled to free text updates on all your properties.

How do I pay?
We accept payment by cheque or contact us to arrange for a paypal invoice or bank transfer.

Could you write up my text description for me?
Yes, if you would like us to write the description for you, we will do so. Please remember that we will need as much information from you as possible.

Standards: Do we have to have a Tourist Board grading?
We do not insist that you obtain a Tourist Board grading in order to advertise your property on this website (indeed there are some superb properties which have not paid to have a Quality Assessment). However, please note that your accommodation must obviously be of a suitable standard for letting (and by 'suitable standard' we mean the standard expected in the 21st Century - not the 1950s!). In the case of properties which do not have a tourist board grading, we can arrange a visit to inspect the property and upon approval, your cottage will be included.







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